Time to Eat Carbs?

Time to Eat Carbs?

Time to Eat Carbs?

Time to Eat Carbs?

When Is the Best Time to Eat Carbs?

A lot of people are concerned about when is the best time to eat carbs. In most cases carbs are the bodies chief energy source, and if consumed at the right times they will assist you in your fitness goals. Carbohydrates are needed for everything from healthy eating to helping you stay mentally alert. The concern is that sometimes people consume the wrong carbs at the right time, and that can definitely create some problems.


When is the Best Time to Eat Carbs?


First you have to understand how your body responds to carbs. In most cases you will feel a quick spike in energy after consuming simple carbs like white bread, or white rice. These carbs will give you that sugar rush that you are looking for. You will probably get that rush for about ten minutes, and then you will come crashing down. If you had taken an hour to eat your dinner, or you had gone over to the pantry for raisins and nuts, you might have avoided that ten minute spike. So you should know that it does help to eat your dinner at an hour and a half to three hours before you workout.Complex carbs take a bit longer to digest, and will provide you with a more steady energy source. They provide you with energy for around three hours, and are the best source of energy for your body. So you should eat complex carbs for your pre workout meal, and then for your workout you should only consume simple carbs for a couple of hours before you should head to the pantry for a decent snack.


When is the Best Time to Eat Carbs for a Post Workout Meal?


After you workout you have spent about 45-60 minutes in the gym, and you now want to refuel your body with the right kind of carbs to help recover and get your body back to its normal state. The best time to maximize the benefits of carbs on an already depleted body is after your workout, for several reasons. First it should help you recover faster, which means you have more of the right resources to use for replenishing your tired muscles. Second it gives you resources for energy replenishment, and third it helps with replenishing glycogen stores that have been used up during your workout. Time to Eat Carbs?


Before you workout you should have a quick snack packed with complex carbs, an hour before you intend to go in the gym. Something like a couple pieces of wholemeal toast topped with low fat jam, moderate cheddar cheese and a glass of skimmed milk is good. This snack will help to quench your hunger until your workout, at which point you will be ready to hit the weights. It should also contain a decent amount of protein. One really good way to do this is to combine a protein shake with your carb snack. Here is a simple recipe for a shake you can create yourself in about fifteen minutes. Time to Eat Carbs? 




1 glass of milk1 handful of spinach1 banana1 scoop of whey protein (roughly 50g)1-2 sticks of low fat string cheese (roughly 6g)2 ice cubes Time to Eat Carbs?


All you need to do is to put all the ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth. It is important to get the carbs in there, so your body will use them as energy. Then once your stomach has something solid in it, you will stop yourshake and drink water. You should be consuming around roughly 150-160 calories at the time of writing this article.


Many people will append syrup to their post workout meal in order to give it a bit of sweetness and to boost their insulin levels. It works wonders, but remember it is just a small amount of added sugar that you would be metabolizing in about half an hour anyway. You would be better just drinking the shake for itself, and letting the protein and milk do all the work. You could also just drink a simple sport drink instead, that would be quicker and easier to consume and would also be more acceptable to other people ( sorry ).


You should experiment with the post workout meal and see what works best for you. You should only be using simple ingredients, with as few ingredients as possible. If you are planning on using some sort of a dairy product as a part of your post workout meal, make sure to use one that is as non-dairy as possible.

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You should experiment with the order in which you consume your carbs during your meal. You should try to consume your carbs in the order that they are listed on the product. For example, if you read a label such as, 20g of carbohydrate, then you should be able to assume that it is a 20g serving of whole grain wheat. If you read a label such as, 40g of carbohydrate, then you should be able to assume that it is a 40g serving of simple carbohydrate. Time to Eat Carbs? Time to Eat Carbs?

Time to Eat Carbs?